love never wanted me

Take as many selfies as you want. Who cares when people look on your phone and think your weird. When you’re old you can show them to your kids and laugh.

Answer the boy that you shouldn’t. If he thought about you enough to message you, answer him. Text him when you’re drunk too. It was fun and in a few years it won’t make a difference that you did.

Dance. All the time. Always listen to your music too loud.

Be lazy. Watch disney movies all day while drinking tea under comfy blankets. Ignore your piles of homework.

Let yourself be sad. Don’t try and fight it. If you’re going to hurt, may as well let it be brutal. Listen to sad music. Watch sad movies. Cry your heart out.

Be a tease. Who cares what the boys say about it. Kiss them til they’re in agony, then stop. Put your head on their chest. They’ll hate you for it, but you’ll love yourself for it later.

Don’t style your hair. Especially on a windy day. Let it be wild and messy.

Love your parents. When you’re in an irritable mood, stay away from them. Lock yourself in your room. They don’t deserve your attitude.

Swear. There’s something extremely satisfying about it.

Write things down. Let your feelings bleed on to paper. Write down memories. Happy and sad.

Take pride that you love Harry Potter, or Sherlock or collecting coins or whatever it is you love. If people don’t love you for it, then what’s your use for them anyways?

Be selfish. Break somebody’s heart if it’s necessary for your own well being. It is not cruel to put yourself first. Never settle.

Believe in everything. Who’s to say it isn’t allowed? Have your own thoughts on life and death, not anybody else’s. Don’t be scared to admit death is something you look forward too, even if just out of curiosity. Or to admit you’re terrified of it.

Go outside in the rain and let it soak through your clothes. Kiss too many boys. Get too drunk. Laugh too hard with you best friend in a public place. Stare at your ceiling and be glad simply because you exist in such a complicated, breathtaking universe. Don’t conform to anything, go your own way. Find what makes you feel alive, and chase after it with all your soul.

-My advice on how to live

Kirsten Cordingley (via thosebeautifulwords)

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Why Stiles no longer makes sense to me:



Stiles ‘whatever the hell your first name is’ Stilinski is many things.

He is a researcher.
He is stubborn.
He is obsessive.
He is sarcastic.
He is calculating.
He is closed off.

These are the quintessential Stiles things. The ones were shown on a day to day basis without having to infer into his actual interactions with character or other plot devices.

Stiles is also fiercely protective of what is his, to the point of yup you get it he becomes obsessive.

Point A. Scott McCall

When Scott becomes a werewolf stiles buries himself in research to find out what his friend is. Then when the time comes he finds ways to help Scott overcome the problems of the werewolf.

Point B. Lydia Martin

We all play it off very jokingly about his ten year plan with Lydia Martin. About how though we’ve seen allusions to the Stilinski family having financial problems he still buys her a lavish gift. How he knows incredibly private things about Lydia as though he picked up a book. But in reality this wouldn’t be normal, this would be considered obsessive and many girls would turn away from it as Lydia originally did.

Point C.

Sheriff Stilinski. Stiles wants to keep his dad around for however long he possibly can. But his growing age and line of duty terrifies him, which is normal for a teenager. So he tries to control everything within his range and if that means buying turkey bacon then he damn well will buy turkey bacon.

But, here’s something he’s not. He’s not outright mean or manipulative to anyone unless they either have done somethig to him or his loved ones or it serves a larger purpose.

So his handling of Liam just makes no sense to me.

I know he brushes things off with a joke almost all the time. But here’s why it unsettles me.

1. Liam has literally done absolutely nothing to him but be better then him at lacrosse. That’s it. And he already outright hates him, which fine I’ll just brush it off at teenage jealousy.

2. Liam has a mental disease. He has first hand experience from his mother being sick about how mental diseases can claw away at the person you are, how you’re powerless to control them. And he laughs at it.

Stiles has become in a sense much more mean spirited then he has ever been. Also don’t forget his treatment of Lydia as of late, someone who is supposed to be his friend. Wether it’s a after affect of him housing the nogitsune or just shitty writing, I hate it.

Regarding his treatment of Lydia, he has his own things that he’s going through. He was possessed. He killed a ton of people, and he feels extremely guilty over it. He can’t baby Lydia and be there for her every second of every day, he’s sort of busy with his own life. Not to mention that he also has to tame Malia. He doesn’t have time for Lydia at the moment, who I’d like to remind you is someone who didn’t want to give him the time of day until recently, who would never care Stiles the way he cares about her. Maybe he’s tired of pursuing her if it’ll never happen. And it’s always possible that after Allison died, Lydia isolated herself to mourn and pushed everyone away. Maybe he tried to be there for her and she told him to leave her alone. Or maybe after seeing how Allison’s death affected Scott, Stiles distanced himself from Lydia so he wouldn’t have to go through the same pain if something were to happen to her. We don’t know.

And regarding his comment about Liam, Stiles technically has a mental disease as well. He has panic attacks, which let me tell you leave you extremely powerless and make you feel like you’ve lost all control of yourself. We know that he used to have panic attacks after his mother died, he’s mentioned them numerous times, and we saw him have one. I’m sure that his ‘laughing at’ Liam’s mental disease wasn’t because he thought having one was something that’s funny. I personally think that his sarcastic comments about it were just covering up his actual fear about the situation, because let’s be honest. A new werewolf with extreme anger issues is a huge problem and it’s just their luck that Scott would end up biting him instead of a kid with no diseases. Everything goes wrong in their life, and you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t start to get a little irritated by that pattern. He did say that sarcasm is his only defense. He’s just a kid, one that wants to live a normal life, and it really isn’t fair to call him mean just because he made a comment about this kid being a literal bomb waiting to explode. 

I think the problem with Stiles is that we are not seeing the aftermath of what happened to him last season. We are not seeing how/if he is recovering (no panic attacks, sleeplessness, depression, or any other symptoms of PTSD, which I’m sure he would have some form of). Styles is still going about his day to day life being sarcastic and witty, but we are not seeing how he is coping, and he should be coping in some way.

But it’s not just Stiles. So far, none of the characters having been mourning Allison or coping with the aftermath of what happened last season. A close friend died in a fight, and many of them were close to dying as well, and we are being shown nothing about the effects that Allison’s death had on anyone. Every now and then a character will mention on it, but everyone seems to be doing fine.

And Malia. Why has Stiles made it his responsibility to “tame” her? Shouldn’t Scott be doing that? She is in his pack, and he is her alpha. Stiles is not a werewolf or an alpha, I would think that he would have little to no control over her (unless Stiles is some supernatural being, which is a different conversation). Yes, Stiles did help Scott cope with being a werewolf, but Derek was a pretty shitty alpha and did not do anything to help Scott. We are seeing Scott help train Liam, so why is he not doing the same for Malia?

I’m hoping there is a reason why we have not seen aftermath of last season, but as more episodes go by I don’t think we are ever going to see it. The show has branched off into multiple different plots and they’ve mentioned the last season only a handful of times.

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"Too many young girls don’t know how to act when someone’s being inappropriate with them. They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don’t do that. Tell them to go fuck themselves - be a bitch. If someone’s being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back. Show them the same amount of respect that they show you."Wise words from my mom (via aurelle)

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